ICICS 2015

10th International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing

December 2-4, 2015


Technical Program

Session Fr31

Image/Video Analysis III

4 December 2015 (Friday), 13:10 - 14:30

Room 832

Session Chair : Cheen Hau TAN,

Fr31-1       13:10 - 13:30       P0186
Non-Iterative Coding Tree Depth Estimation for H.265/HEVC Using Neighboring Block Information

Jun OGATA and Koichi ICHIGE
Yokohama National University
Fr31-2       13:30 - 13:50       P0286
Removal of Salt and Pepper Noise with Non-uniform Weighted Mean Partition

Lianghan HU and KinTak U
Macau University of Science and Technology
Fr31-3       13:50 - 14:10       P0151
Video Saliency Detection Using Multi-level Spatiotemporal Orientation

Zhao LIU, Zhenyan WANG, Xinhui SONG and Chun CHEN
Zhejiang University
Fr31-4       14:10 - 14:30       P0161
Wide Area Multichannel ISAR Imaging

Taoli YANG, Lei YANG, Guoan BI and *Liren ZHANG
Nanyang Technological University
*UAE University

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