ICICS 2015

10th International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing

December 2-4, 2015


Technical Program

Session Fr33

Computational Intelligence

4 December 2015 (Friday), 13:10 - 14:50

Room 835

Session Chair : Manhua LIU, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Oliver NINA, University of Central Florida

Fr33-1       13:10 - 13:30       P0189
Latent Fingerprint Orientation Estimation via Sparse Representation

Manhua LIU and *Shuxin LIU
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
*Minnan Normal University
Fr33-2       13:30 - 13:50       P0293
Lossless Compression of Topology of 3D Triangulated Irregular Networks

Viet PHAM NGUYEN, Each MUY UNG, Aneesh KRISHNA and *Sonny THAM
Curtin University
*Amristar Solutions
Fr33-3       13:50 - 14:10       P0307
Motor-Imagery Analysis Without the Use of Sensorimotor Cortex Signals

Nanyang Technological University
Fr33-4       14:10 - 14:30       P0408
Coupled LSTM Unit and Search Space Probability Exploration for Image Description

Oliver NINA and *Andres RODRIGUEZ
University of Central Florida
*Air Force Research Lab
Fr33-5       14:30 - 14:50       P0277
Design of Optimized Reversible Multiplier for High Speed DSP Application

Nagamani A N, Vishnu PRASAD H, Rajendra S HATHWAR and *Vinod K AGRAWAL
PES Institute of Technology
*PES University

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