ICICS 2015

10th International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing

December 2-4, 2015


Technical Program

We23 - Special Session

Coding and Signal Processing for Advanced Data Storage Channels

2 December 2015 (Wednesday), 10:30 - 12:10

Room 835

Session Organiser : Kui CAI , Singapore University of Technology and Design

Session Chair : Kui CAI , Singapore University of Technology and Design
Zhiliang QIN, Data Storage Institute

We23-1       10:30 - 10:50       P0233
Low-Complexity Quantization-Aware Belief-Propagation (QA-BP) Decoding for MLC NAND Flash Memory

Adnan Aslam CHAUDHRY, Yong Liang GUAN and *Kui CAI
Nanyang Technological University
*Singapore University of Technology and Design
We23-2       10:50 - 11:10       P0339
Finite-Length EXIT Analysis for Protograph-Coded Two-Dimensional ISI Channels

Yi FANG, Guojun HAN, *Yong Liang GUAN and **Liwei MU
Guangdong University of Technology
*Nanyang Technological University
**South China Normal University
We23-3       11:10 - 11:30       P0360
Nonbinary Multi-Parallel-Concatenated Single-Parity-Check (NB-MPCSPC) Codes over Partial-Response Channels

Zhiliang QIN, Anmin KONG and Xueqiang WANG
Data Storage Institute
We23-4       11:30 - 11:50       P0353
Performance of the Modified SRBI-MLGD Algorithm for LDPC Codes in MLC NAND Flash Memory

Jiaying WEN, Guojun HAN, Xusheng LIN and Yi FANG
Guangdong University of Technology
We23-5       11:50 - 12:10       P0232
The Design and Application of the Online Bookstore System.Net based on Three Tier Architecture

Qiaoli CHEN
ShaanXi Institute Of Technology

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