ICICS 2015

10th International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing

December 2-4, 2015


Technical Program

Session We24

3G/4G Wireless Networks

2 December 2015 (Wednesday), 10:30 - 12:00

Room 836

Session Chair : Noureddine BOUDRIGA, University of Carthage
Abdul Aziz ABDUL RAHMAN, Telekom Research & Development

We24-1       10:30 - 11:00       P0423 - Invited Paper
Peer-to-peer Wireless Content Delivery based on Non-volatile Memory Systems

Youyang NG
We24-2       11:00 - 11:20       P0207
Pareto Efficient Downlink Resource Matching for LTE-A System

Jawad ALAM and Maode MA
Nanyang Technological University
We24-3       11:20 - 11:40       P0279
LTE-VPN: A Platform for Enhancing QoS and Authentication

Meriem SALHI and Noureddine BOUDRIGA
University of Carthage
We24-4       11:40 - 12:00       P0167
Improved Link Level LTE Scheduler

Abdul Aziz ABDUL RAHMAN, Nurulhuda SHARIPP, Ahmad Kamsani SAMINGAN and Chun Yeow YEOH
Telekom Research & Development

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