ICICS 2015

10th International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing

December 2-4, 2015


Technical Program

Session We35

Signal Processing for Biomedical Applications I

2 December 2015 (Wednesday), 13:10 - 14:50

Room 837

Session Chair : Wee SER, Nanyang Technological University
Zhiping LIN, Nanyang Technological University

We35-1       13:10 - 13:30       P0311
Hybrid Classifiers Ensemble with An Undersampling Scheme for Liver Tumor Segmentation

Wanzheng ZHU, Beom-Seok OH, *Weimin HUANG, Zhiping LIN, Yuehao PAN and *Jiayin ZHOU
Nanyang Technological University
*Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR
We35-2       13:30 - 13:50       P0171
Detection of Adventitious Lung Sounds using Entropy Features and a 2-D Threshold Setting

Xi LIU, Wee SER, Jianmin ZHANG and *Daniel Yam Thiam GOH
Nanyang Technological University
*National University Hospital
We35-3       13:50 - 14:10       P0310
Effects of Noisy Sounds on Human Stress using ECG Signals: An Empirical Study

Beom-Seok OH, Yong Kiang YEO, Fang Yuan WAN, Yi WEN, Yan YANG and Zhiping LIN
Nanyang Technological University
We35-4       14:10 - 14:30       P0336
Skin Surface Topographic Assessment using in vivo High-Definition Optical Coherence Tomography

Ai Ping YOW, Jun CHENG, Annan LI, Carolin WALL, Damon Wing Kee WONG, Jiang LIU and *Hong Liang TEY
Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR
*National Skin Centre, Singapore
We35-5       14:30 - 14:50       P0111
Analysis of Death Series by SSA Based BSS Technique

Hong-Guang MA, Rui WANG, Jian-Qiang QIN, Xiao-Wei FENG and Hao-Miao LIU
Xi'an Research Institute of High Technology

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